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ACCEN CASE STUDY – Where do we take care of safety when working at height

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Poznań New Market
Nowy Rynek is an investment located in Poznań at the intersection of the most important communication lines, in the heart of a dynamically developing part of the city, surrounded by parks and historic buildings of Wilda.
The Nowy Rynek project will create an open area that Poznań residents will be able to use in many ways – working in newly built office buildings or relaxing in the gardens of city cafes. The project will become an important element of the new district, enriching its urban offer.
Skanska invited the best architectural studios in Poland to design individual buildings. The Maćków Pracownia Projektowa studio from Wrocław is responsible for the design of the first two. The authors of the design of the third and fourth building are Medusa group.

source: www.propertydesign.pl

Scope of implementation:
The market square is the heart of the city. The New Market in Poznań is a futuristic complex of buildings of various applications. In this modern architecture, we have designed and installed Accen Line horizontal belayinh systems and FAS facade access systems. In projects where every detail counts, you cannot afford randomness. We have adapted our solution to the development so as not to disturb the visual character of the body developed by designers and contractors.

Browary Warszawskie
Browary Warszawskie is an area between Grzybowska, Wronia, Chlodna and Krochmalna streets, which Developer Echo Investment will reintegrate into the urban fabric. With residential buildings, office buildings and public squares, rest and recreation areas, cafés, restaurants and shops, a new city district is being created, open to all. It is a place with a beautiful history, but above all with a modern, functional and comprehensive urban and architectural concept. There will be four office buildings, five residential buildings, more than 8,000 square metres of space for services, restaurants, shops, well-organised public spaces with urban squares, cosy streets and comfortable areas full of greenery. The undeniable advantages of this location are also the proximity of the Warsaw city centre, a metro station and the availability of a well-developed public transport system.

source: www.browarywarszawskie.prowly.com

Scope of implementation:
The latest project realized by Echo Investment in the heart of Warsaw. On behalf of this developer, we have delivered and installed complete FAS facade access systems and AccenLine rope systems. The greatest challenge was to design a façade service boom with a reach of over 4 metres and an operating load of 500 Kg.

Katowice Airport
GTL Katowice Pyrzowice International Airport is the fourth largest airport in Poland in terms of the number of air operations performed and one of the most modern in the country. It prides itself on its unique architecture and many awards. The Pyrzowice airport is located about 30 km north of Katowice, on the border of Tarnogórski and Bedzin county. (…)
The airport in Pyrzowice is one of the key elements of the region’s communication infrastructure, serving the residents of Silesia and neighbouring provinces. The port has two passenger terminals (Terminal A and Terminal B) and a cargo terminal. The planned modernization of the facility and the construction of the third terminal will allow to increase the capacity, which currently amounts to 3,6 million passengers per year. In 2015 over 3 million passengers used the airport’s services. Katowice airport is the 4th largest in Poland in terms of the number of passengers served.

source: www.esky.pl

Scope of implementation:
Katowice Airport is one of the fastest developing airports in Poland. We have been providing comprehensive services to the airport for many years, providing fall protection. On terminals A and B and Cargo Terminal, we have installed Accenline rope systems, belaying posts fixed to trapezoidal sheets and vertical belaying systems on existing ladders.

Building of the Parliamentary Committees
A building in Warsaw at 1, Wiejska Street, on the corner of Piękna Street. The construction of the Parliamentary Committees building started in January 2016 and was completed in 28 months. The usable area of this six-storey building is 9000 square meters. Biuro Stelmach i Partnerzy Biuro Architektoniczne is responsible for the architectural design of the building, while the Warbud company from Warsaw is its general contractor. The Canadian Embassy building is 99 metres away, the Desa Unicum Auction House is 118 metres away and Green Park is 180 metres away.

source: www.urbanity.pl

Scope of implementation:
Warbud, as the general contractor of the building for parliamentary committees, commissioned Accen Fall Arrest to provide comprehensive, permanent fall protection, including the FAS façade access system. The building was erected at the intersection of Wiejska and Piękna Streets in Warsaw. It contains rooms for parliamentary committees, offices for service staff and supporting technical rooms.

IKEA industry Orla
IKEA Industry Poland sp. z o.o. the Orla branch is a complex of two plants, including: a modern factory of ultra-thin HDF boards (High Density Fibreboard), a sawmill and a plant for added production, where the boards are cut to size.
Ultra-thin HDF boards manufactured in the plant are used to produce lightweight furniture for IKEA. The boards produced in the IKEA Industry sawmill go to the manufacturers cooperating with IKEA and other companies present on the Polish market. The sawmill uses the most modern and innovative solutions for sorting and processing small diameter wood, so far unavailable in Poland.

source: www.industry.ikea.pl

Scope of implementation:
The design of fall protectino systems for the IKEA branch in Orla was a real challenge. The diverse nature of the successive stages of production translates into a large variety of facilities within the complex. In order to ensure the safety of the employees during their work, it was necessary to have solutions appropriate to the given structures. The safety system for IKEA therefore includes Accen Line horizontal rope systems, vertical systems on ladders, railings and anchorage points for trapezoidal sheets.

CMN Gdańsk – Non-Invasive Medicine Center in Gdańsk
„The construction of the Non-Invasive Medicine Center (CMN) is the largest investment currently implemented by the Medical University of Gdańsk, which is the next stage of the reconstruction of the University’s clinical base. As part of it, the most modern medical complex in Poland is being built at the University Clinical Center, it will significantly improve the quality and comfort of both work and the conditions of hospitalization (…) of patients. (…) The cost of construction with equipment is about 600 million PLN.
The Non-Invasive Medicine Center is a complex of four interconnected buildings – A, B, C arranged in the shape of the letter U, connected by three connectors with the Invasive Medicine Center and building D situated on the site of the former building 18”
The CMN in Gdańsk was designed by the ARCHDECO Architectural Office.

source: www.uck.pl

Scope of implementation:
At this super-hospital Accen supplied and installed the complete FAS façade access system, rope systems attached to the facade blinds and belaying rails. The length of the installed systems is over 1000 rm and over 200 attic seats.

Bridge on the S7 road in Krakow
The Cardinal Franciszek Macharski Bridge is the longest crossing of the Vistula River in Lesser Poland. The crossing consists of two parallel cable-stayed bridges, 706 m and 695,5 m long, each with 3 lanes. The bridge was built by the companies STRABAG and STRABAG Infrastruktura Południe as part of the contract for the Construction of the S7 expressway, section Krakow Przewóz – Krakow Nowa Huta junction.
Many innovative solutions were used in the construction. One of the novelties was the use of metallurgical cements in massive elements. (including dolomite aggregate for concrete in massive elements for bridge structures – first such application in Poland and concrete in massive elements on metallurgical cements. STRABAG is a pioneer here because it is the first construction company to use metallurgical cement to compress massive concrete elements. The load-bearing structure is an equally interesting solution. It is a continuous beam, which in the ballast part consists of a prestressed concrete structure and in the upstream part of a composite structure (main girders and steel cross members).

source: www.strabag.pl

Scope of implementation:
The possibility of safe work along the entire height of this amazing bridge was ensured thanks to the systems of vertical rail ladders and reliable Trax light B points. It was the best choice in terms of the construction technique used by the contractors. These devices enable safe movement along the bridge structure.

ZTPO Kraków – The Thermal Waste Treatment Plant in Krakow
The eco-incinerator was created as a response to the ecological and energy needs of Krakow as part of the project „Municipal Waste Management Program in Krakow”. It is the latest and most important part of this system; it enables to utilise municipal waste generated by the inhabitants of Krakow and the recovery of energy from it.
The thermal recycling technology is the most mature and environmentally responsible solution to waste. This is confirmed by the many years of European experience in which thermal processing of waste with recovery of energy form the basis of the entire waste management system.
The ECO-INCINERATOR allows to process 220 thousand tons of municipal waste during the year. Approximately 65,000 MWh of electricity and 280,000 MWh of heat are produced as a result of the combustion. The energy obtained by way of the thermal transformation process is largely organic and renewable.

source: www.khk.krakow.pl/pl/ekospalarnia

Scope of implementation:
On the roofs of the incinerator, we have installed several hundred meters of rope systems and anchor points attached to roof sheets with standing seam. The specificity of the roof and the sheathing has forced us to use points with special clamps.

Gas pipeline
President Lech Kaczyński’s LNG Terminal in Świnoujście has been in operation since 2016. Polskie LNG launched the construction of the plant in 2010, and The LNG Terminal in Świnoujście has contributed to the energy security in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe, as well as it enables the import of liquefied gas to Poland from any direction in the world.
The technological processes and services currently provided by the LNG Terminal include unloading LNG from a LNG carriers at the unloading jetty, LNG process storage in cryogenic tanks, LNG regasification and send-out of natural gas to the National Transmission System, LNG transhipment onto tanker trucks and ISO containers.
The LNG Terminal’s annual regasification capacity amounts to 5 billion Nm³. The plant also includes two cryogenic tanks for LNG process storage with a capacity of 160,000 m³ each.

source: www.polskielng.pl

Scope of implementation:
On the roof of the pipeline flyover, we have delivered and installed over 1000 running meters of rope systems. The system uses end points and intermediate points fixed directly to the trapezoidal sheets and special tension locks with a system voltage indicator and fall indicator. Intermediate points are equipped with elements that allow the user to move freely without having to dismount the system. The part of the flyover located at sea required us to follow all procedures related to work on the high seas.

EC 1 Łódź
The revitalised buildings of EC1 East fulfil cultural and artistic functions. They have hosted such events as: the Promised Land Art Festival, the Festival of Plays Pleasant and Unpleasant, the Festival of Theatrical Schools, the Transatlantic Festival, Animator on Tour and the Light Move Festival. They are also the home of the National Centre for Film Culture, the Łódź Film Commission and the Centre for Comics and Interactive Narration. The EC1 complex offers events which allow people to spend their free time in wise and inspiring ways.

source: www.ec1lodz.pl/node/2618?language=pl

Scope of implementation:
The historic power plant in the centre of Łódź was not only a technical but also an architectural challenge for us. Due to the historic nature of the building, the selection of anchor points and systems on the roof was under special supervision. We’ve installed on all EC1 roofs rope systems and single anchor points fixed to the trapezoidal sheets, and in the historic cooling tower, the FAS façade access system.

Warta SA cement plant
The Warta cement plant is an important cement producer on the Polish market. The cement plant is owned by the German company POLEN ZEMENT BETEILIGUNGSGESELLSCHAFT mbH from Dortmund. The cement plant is located in Trębaczewo near Działoszyn in the Łódź Province on the edge of the Krakowsko-Wieluńska Upland. The scope of activities of the Warta Cement Plant includes processes related to the production of Portland clinker, cement production and comprehensive customer service in the field of: cement production and sale, organization of transport to the customer, technological consulting, promotion and advertising, as well as services of the plant laboratory in the field of environmental testing and measurement, hygiene work and fuel quality.

source: www.wartasa.com.pl

Scope of implementation:
Heavy industry is a real challenge, designing systems on crane tracks and their installation on such a difficult facility was a very valuable experience. Cement plant workers operating the crane substructure can use several hundred meters of rope systems fixed to reinforced concrete pillars.

Złota 44 Warszawa
Złota 44 is premium investment like no other in Poland. 192 m high, designed with use of newest technologies by worldwide famous architect, Daniel Libeskind. This apartment building offers magnificent skyline of the city, prestigious spaces, amenities for residents, and unique relaxation zone. It’s not only the highest housing investment in European Union, but also highest level of luxury in the very centre of Warsaw likewise safe and valuable capital’s investment in estate market.

source: www.zlota44.com/inwestycja

Scope of implementation:
We have delivered and installed anchor points for people servicing the elevations at the highest apartment building in Warsaw. Specially manufactured posts with a height of less than 200 mm were mounted to reinforced concrete on several levels of the skyscraper. In addition, we have installed anchor points for evacuation in the event of an elevator failure.
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