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The ACCEN LINE horizontal line system is an anchoring device for connecting personal protective equipment against falls from a height. Installed into a fixed structure, it ensures the possibility of moving along the system with full protection.

The ACCEN LINE horizontal fall protection system is designed for use on a horizontal plane where the angle of the system is no higher than 15º.

The ACCEN LINE system consists of a Ø8mm stainless wire rope, which is supported by at least two end fastenings called tension locks and a larger number of intermediate fasteners, i.e. corner, straight and special intermediate points.

The ACCEN LINE system can be mounted, among others, on flat roofs, within facades, along crane substructures, other places where there is a risk of falling, where the slope of the line will not exceed 15º.

Reducing the forces at the ends of the rope system to protect the structure is only one of the tasks of the tension lock. Unlike traditional energy absorbers, the final fastening with a tensioning lock combines 4 important functions: rope fastening, load signaling, rope tension signaling and energy absorber. System components , allowing for proper selection depending on the base material, are used to install the entire system

An inseparable element is a rating plate informing about basic system parameters, installer data and an valid inspection approving for use.

system components

Tension Lock


Intermediate point
135 degrees bend

Special intermediate
point AL03,04

Special intermediate
point AL03,04

Intermediate point
90 degrees bend

Straight intermediate
point AL02
An integral part is the nameplate which informs about the basic parameters of the system, the installer’s data and a valid inspection for approval for use.
name plate
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